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Innovative Boat Docking & Storage Solutions

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When you choose our Boat Trolley or Boat Garage Systems one thing is clear: the view. Our boat docking and storage systems not only provide unobstructed views of the water, they store your boat safely inside your home.
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Keep your boat safe and set sail at the push of a button.
Our Boat Trolley System gets your boat on the water in minutes using an app on your smartphone, and the Boat Garage protects your watercraft from the elements and keeps it on display.
Home boat storage that keeps those stunning waterfront views.
Our innovative boat garage gives you back the most important aspect to your waterfront property – the view. Enjoy the water while your boat is safe and on display inside your home, and ready to launch at the push of a button. Compatible with the Boat Trolley & No-Profile Boat Lift Systems.
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Tour our Boat Trolley Compatible Model Home | Boat Trolley: Innovative Boat Docking & Storage Solutions
Compatible with all home designs providing seamless integration.
We are currently building a model home with a complete integration of the Boat Trolley System. Follow us on the journey.

The problem, and the Boat Trolley Solution.

As residents of Marco Island, we experienced first-hand the devastation to our boats, docks, and waterfronts. Combined with other hazards such of vandalism, UV ray damage on upholstery, and finishes of boats exposed to the atmosphere, and the problem is clear.

Marco Island has an extensive collection of beautiful waterfront properties with potentially spectacular water views. Unfortunately, the storage of boats at the seawall clutters the waterfront and interferes with the homeowners and the neighbor’s enjoyment of panoramic water views.

The Boat Trolley and the Nautical Boat Garage opens your waterfront views and stores your boat on property, keeping it safe and ready to set sail.

Solution to Marco Island Boat Clutter | Boat Trolley: Innovative Boat Docking & Storage Solutions

Innovative Boat Storage Solutions

Our docking and storage solutions provide safe harbor and storage for your boats and opens up your views.