Boat Trolley System

Introducing our patented, innovative new system designed to convert your water access from boat storage to what it should be: an amazing view. The Boat Trolley removes the unsightly clutter by transporting your boat from the waterfront and storing it in your garage, opening up wide water views.


Boat Trolley Features

  • Compatible with any home design
  • Suitable for new homes and renovation projects
  • Customizable to builder’s floorplan
  • No seawall modification required
  • Meets Home & Dock Building Codes
  • No boat slip cut required
  • Works via Control Touchpad System

Here's How it Works

The Boat Trolley is a complex system of electronics, hydraulics, and secured wireless safety sensors, and works via Control Touchpads at the helm, dock, and wall at the trolley room control center.

Proximity sensors on the trolley frame will detect any item or debris that might fall on the track and stop the carriage automatically. The same handheld device raises and lowers the lift and adjusts the height of the dock lift so that passengers can embark and disembark from the boat safely and comfortable. The same handheld device moves the “mule” to deliver or collect the trolley from the lift, and raises or lowers the hurricane door on the boat trolley room.

Safety First: A “dead man” feature on our dock lift remote control requires the operator to hold down the button to keep the lift or trolley moving, allowing the user to stop the lift at any point in its travel.